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A Further Dip Into The Otford English Dictionary

Midwife (n.): second spouse of three.
Oddball (n.): third testicle.
Ovation (v.): laying an egg.
Palette (n.): little friend.
Paperboy (n.): instructions for settling choir fees.
Predate (v.): flirt.
Preoccupied (n.): looking for work.
Primitive (adj.): like a proper old lady.
Prudent (adj.): like a proper old lady.
Racism (n.): the belief that fast is better.
Rambler (n.): high speed sheep.
Rambling (n.): ostentatious jewellery for sheep.
Ramification (n.): bad driving.
Recant (v.): still unable to do it.
Relief (v.): what trees do in spring.
Shepherd's pie (n.): border collie trained in espionage.
Slippery (adj.): a bit like a lounging shoe.
Stereotype (n.): braille.
Summer (n.): abacus.
Teacup (n.): enormous brassiere.
Tiebreak (n.): short holiday in Siam.
Toffee (n.) payment made to an aristocrat for services undertaken.
Trickle (v.): to delight with magic.
Triple (n.): an uneven and stumbling walk.
Virtuoso (n.): an exceptionally moral person.
Water (n.): the person who gave you warts.

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