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Otford English Dictionary, Reprise

Article (n.): ice sculpture.
Aspiration (n.): snake breathing.
Assuage (n.): donkey's salary.
Auditorium (n.): tax office.
Begat (proper noun.): ancient biblical tribe of Mexican origin that wore the biggest sombreros.
Bloke (adj.): to be poor in China.
Catcher (n.): feline imitating Sonny Bono's widow.
Checklist (v.): stabilise.
Coalition (n.): miner’s union.
Cowling (n.): calf.
Dandelion (n.): a fashionably dressed larger feline.
Decadent (adj.): possessing only ten teeth.
Dilate (v.): to live a long time.
Dinner (n.): a noisy eater.
Dogmatic (adj.): pulled by huskies.
Enlightenment (v.): losing weight.
Escape (n.): part of Superman’s outfit.
Exalted (v.): removal of all sodium chloride.
Expressed (adj.): now wrinkled.
Fairy (adj.): not particularly cloudy.
Felony (v.): preparing to be knighted.
Fondue (adj.): requires affection.
Foundry (n.): a place of lost items.
Gastric (n.): hybrid automobile.
Giant squid (n.): pantomime villain's pocket money.
Granite (n.): Special evening party for older women.
Graphite (n.): someone who believes in charts.
Hindsight (v.): watching ones weight.

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