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Strokes (A Serious Bit For A Change)

There are some very serious illnesses that can be completely treated if the victim or bystanders realise what is happening. One of these are strokes, damage to the blood supply to the brain. If untreated they can kill or inflict severe brain damage, but if treated promptly, there can be a 100% recovery.

The first signs that someone has had a stroke are very sudden:
  • numbness, weakness or paralysis on one side of the body (signs of this may be a drooping arm, leg or lower eyelid, or a dribbling mouth)
  • slurred speech or difficulty finding words or understanding speech
  • sudden blurred vision or loss of sight
  • confusion or unsteadiness
  • a severe headache.
Very often the victim is unaware of the change. If you are with someone exhibiting these signs, use the Face Arm Speech Test (FAST). These three simple checks can help you recognise whether someone has had a stroke:
  • Facial weakness: Is the person unable to smile properly? Has their mouth or an eye drooped? If they poke out their tongue, is it crooked?
  • Arm weakness: Is the person unable to raise both arms?
  • Speech problems: Is the person unable to speak clearly, form a simple coherent sentence or understand what you say?
  • Test for the above three signs.
If you see any of these signs in anyone around you, call 999 immediately.

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