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Space Shuttle

In the event of an emergency deorbit that would bring the Orbiter down in an area not within range of a designated emergency landing site, the Orbiter is theoretically capable of landing on any paved runway that is at least 3 km (1.9 mi) long, which includes the majority of large commercial airports. In practice, a US military airfield would probably be preferred for reasons of security arrangements and minimizing the disruption of commercial air traffic.

Emergency landing sites for the Orbiter include:
  • Campbeltown Airport, Scotland
  • Lajes, Portugal
  • Beja, Portugal
  • Keflavík, Iceland
  • Gran Canaria Airport, Spain
  • Shannon International Airport, Ireland
  • RAF Fairford, England
  • Köln Bonn Airport, Germany
  • Airport Manching near Munich, Germany
  • Istres-Le Tubé Air Base near Marseille, France
  • Ankara, Turkey
  • Yundum International Airport, Gambia
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory
  • Gander International Airport, Gander, Newfoundland
  • Royal Australian Air Force Base Amberley, near Brisbane, Australia
  • Royal Australian Air Force Base Darwin, Darwin, Australia

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