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Paying For Sex

Apparently, one in three of us would sleep with a stranger for £1,000,000, according to a Durex survey - though surely that would depend on whether the stranger was Brad Pitt or John McCririck.

Fewer than 15% would sleep with a stranger for £100,000 and a mere but strangely likable 5% would sleep with a stranger for World Cup tickets. Two out of three people say they would never cheat on their partner, and the average Briton has slept with five people.

I don't understand this admirably frugal statistic, as everything I read or watch leads me to believe that we live in Sodom and Gormorrah and that girls obligingly lie down in the gutter every Friday night, drunkenly yelling: "Who's next?" But it's rather quaint and nice to know that the British are such continent sorts.

I like this survey, because I like anything that provides a snapshot of the under-reported Britain, where most people have nice lives and comport themselves well. I would like to say: we know you're out there, and we salute you.
India Knight in The Sunday Times.

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