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Professor Prasad Varanasi

When Professor Prasad Varanasi of Stony Brook University, New York, retired recently, his boss fixed up a retirement lunch at a local restaurant and sent him a friendly invitation and explained that he had also invited the university’s mechanical engineering department and another professor, Robert Cess (who once had shared a Nobel Prize with Varanasi and a third colleague)

Professor Varanasi replied:
I do not know how to tell you this but my heart is not in this retirement celebration shindig. I will not be there at the lunch you are planning for me. I hate Bob Cess. I hate the entire mechanical engineering department. I hate the way you all treated me over the last 43 years.

I think it disgraceful that you are asking people to pay for their own wretched lunches to come to honour me.

…I say the hell with you all. I hope the Stony Brook stink will not stay on my skin when I leave here and go happily to Hawaii.

With nothing good to say about any of you at all,

I remain,

Prasad Varanasi

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  1. # Blogger UD

    Part of the problem would seem to be that he did not in fact share a Nobel.  

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