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Meanwhile, Down By The Seaside ...

A family feud has resulted in a bizarre architectural structure in a Turkish coastal town.

Brothers Ismail and Tashin Sarabis built a small wooden house to share in the 1960s and their families co-existed there happily for five decades.

When Ismail died, half the ownership of the house in Pazar was passed to his children who wanted to knock it down and replace it with a more spacious apartment block.

Hoewever, their uncle refused so they eventually agreed to divide the family home in two, splitting the house right down the middle, from the roof down to the ground.

Ismail's children constructed their new property alongside the severed half of the house, where Uncle Tashin still lives.

"When we could not agree with our uncle, we got our fair share," said Bekir Saribas, one of the sons.

The strange arrangement has become an attraction in the Black Sea region where it stands and a source of amusement to the locals.

Hat tip Fiona Govan.

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