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Hovis Adverts

The adverts for Hovis bread have always been carefully crafted to emphasise the special nature of the product. This one at 2 minutes 2 seconds (=122 seconds: a second for every year of the brand) is the longest TV advert ever produced in the UK and is clearly meant for both TV and internet viewing.

The nation's favourite advert is the Hovis advert from 1973, directed by Ridley Scott before he was famous. It shows a small boy pushing his bike, laden with loaves of bread, up a steep cobbled street to the strains of Dvorak's "New World" Symphony, arranged for brass band. Interestingly, the inference in the advert is that the street is somewhere in the north of England, when actually it is Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset, which has consequently become something of a tourist attraction.

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