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Singular And Plural

The singular of dice is die.

The singular of data is datum.

The singular of sheep is sheep.

The singular of graffiti is graffito.

The singular of agenda is agendum.

The singular of candelabra is candelabrum.

The singular of pluralia tantum is plurale tantum.
(Some nouns and noun-phrases, such as measles, trousers, glad-rags, powers-that-be and odds-and-ends have no singular form; these are called plurale tantum. On the other hand, some nouns, such as dust and wealth have no plural; these are singulare tantum.)
The plural of singulare tantum is singularia tantum.

The plural of court martial is courts martial.

The plural of octopus is octopodes.

The plural of formula is formulae.

The plural of platypus is platypi.

The plural of index is indices.

The plural of sheep is sheep.

The plural of pizza is pizze.

The plural of Jesus is Jesi.

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