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Funny Old World (2)

"This incident was regrettable and unpleasant, "admitted a spokesman from Genesis Energy, "But we feel we have acted properly throughout. As soon as we received the complaint from Mr. Anderson we spoke to the meter reader in question and asked him about the incident. He was very embarrased but confessed that he had felt an urgent call of nature at Mr. Anderson's apartment, but with no toilet available, he defecated into a plastic bag, and then forgot and left it there. We are satisfied that the $800 we have paid Mr. Anderson is reasonable, and can confirm that the meter reader has been sacked as a result."

However, Errol Anderson later declared that the compensation was insufficient. "My family do not want to stay in the apartment for at least a year, until the memory of this disusting act has faded. And I can't even rent the apartment out until the stench and the stigma of what happened has passed."

"As soon as I fount it I knew it must have been the meter reader who'd done it because he'd taken his dump in a locked area. And when I complained, all Genesis Engery offered was a $125 gift basket. So I complained to the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner to award me $200,000 compensation but she says that $800 is sufficient. It is not. I've still got this mental image of the guy squatting in my apartment and ... you know, I just can't get it out of my head."
From The Dominion Post, Wellington, New Zealand, 22 July 2010.

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