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Cleaning your Computer Screen

Anyone who's has ever owned an aquarium knows that you have to clean the glass on the inside, sooner or later.

Some people used to do that with a brush that is held to the glass by a magnet on the outside. In that way you can clean the inside glass from the outside by moving the brush up and down the glass with the magnet apparatus.

The same goes for the inside of the monitor screen you are watching right now.

Up until now there was no such cleaner, but thanks to Microsoft there now is.

This will clean your the backside of your monitor screen.

The results are amazing.

My computer screen looks much, much better now. You will be amazed at the difference and how much better and clearer the words appear and how much it lessen the strain on your eyes...

For the best results it is recommended to do a thorough inside cleaning at least once weekly.

Just click here and move your mouse up, down, back and forth...

Hat tip: Puppa

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