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First Blood, Part 4

I was thinking about going to see the new Rambo film (a surefire winner at the upcoming Oscars). Then I read this review:

It's hard to describe the best bit in Sylvester Stallone's new Burma-set Rambo movie, cleverly titled Rambo. It could be the bit where the local tribesmen are forced to walk through a live minefield and are blown to bloody shreds. Or it could be the bit where the soldier's head is imploded by a point-blank revolver round. Or the bit when the children are shot and tossed alive into a fire, or when the nasty boy-raping commander is disembowelled, or when the entire Burmese battalion gets pulverised into a meaningless bloody mass by an enormous machinegun that's neatly wielded by our titular hero.

Who's free on Monday 25th February?

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