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Dear James

Lots of excitement here. Some of the musicians and patrons have arrived early for tomorrow’s musical recital. It seems that it might be a costume gala night as well, as some of the musicians and patrons were clearly modelling their costumes in the Prince of Wales. Uncle Max seems unexpectedly keen to attend.

I am glad you can come, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Lots of love

Aunt La-La

PS Disaster! Poor old Tripod the dog has lost another leg the same way he lost the other, by falling over when he was cocking his leg (this needed a bit of practice with only three legs to begin with) and trying to wee on the lawnmower when it was running. One of the musicians tried to cheer him up and make his life a little easier by modifying one of those motorised Go-peds and strapping him on but it seemed to go a bit too fast for his remaining legs to keep up. In doggy years he is over 110 years old so it must be that he is getting a bit old.

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