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Things A Gentleman Should Know About Style

No matter what fond memories they evoke, there are certain garments from a gentleman's past that he should never - ever - seek to wear again:
  • velvet suit
  • flaired trousers
  • tank-top
  • Hawaiian shirt
  • anything with sequins or snakeskin
  • jodhpurs (unless playing polo, and even then, take great care)
  • anything with Argyle in the name
  • any underwear printed with red kisses, or slogans such as Home of the Whopper
  • shirts of any type emblazoned with a large number, opinions, exhortations, or the gentleman's name (unless he is a sportsman of note)
  • ties or braces with underclad females upon them
  • collarless shirts
  • Mickey Mouse watch
  • bunny rabbit slippers
Never express your sense of humour through your socks, tie or choice of companion.

Toupees and comb-overs betray a level of moral dishonesty equivalent to buttock augmentation.

As you contemplate having a tattoo or a body part pierced, try to remember any T-shirt you bought at a rock concert five years ago and still wear. Better still, study a photograph of your parents when they were your age and consider having to dress like that for the rest of your life.

If you are in doubt whether it suits you or it fits you, it doesn't.

Skinny men can wear things fat men can't.

Italian men, even fat ones, can wear things English men can't.

Tall men can wear things short men can't.

Tall black men can wear things tall white men can't.

Women can wear things men can't.

Learn to tie a bow tie.

Unless you are Elton John or Dame Edna Everage, it is probably advisable to avoid distinctive or prominent spectacles.

When in doubt, ask a woman.

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