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More From The Otford English Dictionary

Dayglo (n.): a highly reflective Spaniard.
Defuse (n.): de safety device in de plug.
Dialogue (n.): a truly awful piece of wood.
Discover (n.): a particular duvet (Jamaican).
Disarray (v.): to indicate the general direction of China.
Disturbing (v.): the act of removing a Sikh's headwear.
Dog pound (n.): seventh of a human pound.
Dukedom (n.): an aristocratic contraceptive.
Ejaculate (n.): greeting to husband on his late return from t’mill (Yorkshire).
Encyclopædia (n.): sexual attraction to small bicycles.
Endorse (n.): final loser in the Derby.
Enquire (n.): a group of singing chickens from the East End.
Esplanade (v): to attempt an explanation while drunk.
Expert (adj.): droopy.
Feckless (v.): to go home alone on a Saturday night in Dublin.
Fervent (n.): an accessory required when tumble-drying cats.
Fish (adj.): a bit like an F.
Flabbergasted (adj.): appalled over how much weight you have put on.
Flatulence (n.): the emergency vehicle that picks you up after you have been run over by a steamroller.
Forty (adj.): a bit like a castle.
Fungal (n.): excellent female company.
Fungi (n.): excellent male company.
Gargoyle (n): olive-flavoured mouthwash.
Genealogy (n.): the study of supernatural beings whom appear from magic lamps.
Geriatric (n.): the next time Germany starts a World War.
Gondolier (n.): an unpleasant medical condition caught from boatmen.

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