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Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds was written by John Lennon (with help from Paul McCartney on lyrics) in 1967 and recorded by the Beatles for their album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

According to the Beatles, one day in 1966 Lennon’s son, Julian, came home from nursery school with a drawing he said was of his classmate, a girl named Lucy. Showing the artwork to his father, young Julian described the picture as, “Lucy — in the sky with diamonds.”

Julian later said, “I don't know why I called it that or why it stood out from all my other drawings, but I obviously had an affection for Lucy at that age. I used to show dad everything I’d built or painted at school, and this one sparked off the idea for a song about Lucy in the sky with diamonds.”

From the above, the classmate can be identified as Lucy O’Donnell, born in Weybridge in 1963, making her the same age as Julian. She sat next to Julian at Heath House School. She had met up with him on a few occasions in the last few years, and occasionally appeared on daytime shows for the anniversary of the Sergeant Pepper's album. She is featured in the book A Hard Days Write. She lived in Surbiton in Surrey, and owned a nanny agency for children with special needs.
Sadly, she died from breast cancer on 1st June, 2005.

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