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The Otford English Dictionary Once Again

Abundance (n.) a social event held in a farm building.
Australian gentleman (n.): the bloke who gets out of the bath to pee in the sink.
Antibody (n.): your uncle’s wife.
Aromatic (n.): an automatic crossbow.
Boycott (n.): somewhere to keep male babies.
Catastrophe (n.): first prize at a cat show.
Claustrophobia (n.): the fear of Father Christmas.
Climate (n.): what you do with a ladder.
Cobra (n.): a bra for conjoined twins.
Copulate (n.): a tardy police response.
Deliberate (v.): to take back to prison.
Diatribe (n.): a truely awful extended family of aboriginal folk.
Direct (v.): to be shown the way by a Welshman.
Factory (n.): a set of encyclopaedias.
Farthingale (n.): a modestly priced hurricane.
Fortune (n.): a singing quartet.
Igloo (n.): an Alaskan lavatory.
Intense (n.): a camping holiday.
Karaoke (n.): Japanese for Tone Deaf.

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