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The Otford English Dictionary One More Time

Macaroon (n.): a Scottish biscuit.
Margin (n.): mother's ruin.
Matricide (v.): committing suicide on a rug.
Osmosis (proper name): an early Australian prophet.
Out of bounds (n.): an exhausted kangaroo.
Overture (n.): someone who masticates too loudly.
Palaver (n.): a kind of jumper that is irritatingly difficult to put on.
Pandemonium (n.): a black and white musical instrument.
Pantry (n.): a knicker cupboard.
Porcupine (v.): a yearning for bacon.
Portable (n.): cheap furniture.
Posse (n.): a wild west cat.
Reoriented (v.): sent back to China.
Rugged (v.): the act of sitting on a mat.
Savoury (n.): a piggy bank.
Shamrock (n.): imitation mineral.
Spellbinding (n.): the cover of a dictionary.

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