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Ballistic (n.) a damnable lump of wood
Banister (v.) to outlaw ogling
Carnivore (n.) the fourth carnie along
European (v.) to call someone common
Hirsute (n.) what she wears to work
Hurly burly (n.) when Liz puts on weight
Jezebel (n.) a posh doorbell
Matriculate (v.) to move away from Imperial measurements
Menstruate (n.) the thing men dislike the most
Phantasmagorical (n.) one who predicts the addition of drugs to Fanta
Philosophy (n.) when you’ve had enough of Sophie
Polyamorous (v.) to love several parrots at once
Pornographic (n.) being too broke to afford pictures
Samurai (n.) the choice between me and Sam
Sandalwood (n.) what shoes wish they could do
Scabbard (v.) to recover toughly from a wound
Scandalise (v.) to look over untruths
Specimen (n.) Italian astronauts
Subcutaneous (adj.) underneath a beautiful bottom
Substantiate (v.) to be not as good a Muslim as Stan
Teacake (n.) wood pain
Telemetry (n.) a town in Israel
Television (n.) another town in Israel
Temporal (n.) short-lived foreplay
Unfasten (v.) to slow someone down
Vindicate (n.) a girl who eats mostly curry

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