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Man - A Chemical Analysis

Element: Man
Symbol: Ah (short for Arsehole)
Quantitative: Average height 5' 9" but some isotopes can be as short as 5'.
Discoverer: Eve
Occurrence: Found following dual element Wo, often in high concentration near a perfect Wo specimen.

Physical properties:
  • Obnoxious when saturated in alcohol
  • Tends to fall into very low energy state directly after reaction with Wo.
  • Gains considerable mass as specimen ages, loses reactive nature.
  • Rarely found in pure form after 15th year.
  • Often damaged as a direct result of unlucky reaction with polluted form of the Wo common ore.
Chemical properties:
  • Nearly all forms desire reaction with Wo, even when no further reaction is possible.
  • May react with several Wo isotopes in short period under extremely favourable conditions.
  • Usually willing to react with what ever is available.
  • Reaction Rates range from aborted/non existent to Pre interaction effects (which tend to turn the specimen bright red.
  • Best results apparently near 18 for high reaction rate, 25 35 for favourable reaction style.
  • Heavy boxes, top shelves, long walks late at night, free dinners for Wo.
  • Pure specimen will rarely reveal purity, while reacted specimens broadcast information on many wavelengths.
  • Tends to react extremely violently when other Ah isotopes interfere with reaction to a particular Wo specimen. Otherwise very malleable under correct conditions.

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