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New Condom Manufacturers

Imagine if major retail suppliers started making their own condoms and kept their tag line:

Its the real thing (Coke)
Just for the taste (Diet Coke)
Performance. Scandinavian style (Saab 9-3)
Attract plenty of interest (Volvo)
Where dreams begin (Harrods)
Lip smacking good (Pepsi)
Zoom, zoom, zoom (Mazda Cars)
Put the freshness back (Shake and Vac)
Cadbury's take them and cover them in chocolate (Cadbury's Whole Nut)
Helps you work, rest and play (Mars)
Magic moments (Quality Street)
Just do it (Nike)
The ride of your life (Peugeot)
Finger licking good (KFC)
Lasts longer, much longer (Duracell)
Keep on going and going (Ever Ready)
Once you pop you can't stop (Pringles)
Home of the Whopper (Burger King)
Your new best friend (Hyundai)
Good things should never end (Orange)
Come into Comet (Comet)

And a couple that probable need rejecting:

The one with the hole (Polo)
Mr Soft (Trebor Soft Mint)

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